The Cosmetic Healthcare Group was born out of a need and desire to provide patients with maintenance options for facial and body rejuvenation. Treatments are based on tried and true technology to tone and tighten aging skin and delay the aging process. Like going to the gym or following a regular healthy lifestyle, these treatments produce wonderful natural results, which delay the signs of aging.

The previous approach to cosmetic rejuvenation was to make any number of dramatic changes, all at one time. The recommended procedures were performed in a “cookie-cutter” fashion, which often resulted in the tell tale signs of having had plastic surgery, such as the “Long Island Nose”, the “LA Look” or the “Upper East Side Facelift”..

Customized Aesthetic Care Services For You

Our clients frequently reference current celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston- who are aging fantastically and appropriately without appearing ‘done’. When compared to old Hollywood stars, today’s celebrities appear youthful and natural. They follow a total body approach to rejuvenation: good diet, regular exercise and equally important, regular facial/body maintenance therapies to delay the signs of aging.

We believe that the same options available to celebrities should be available to all of us. The key is in knowing what therapeutic options are available and understanding who is a candidate for which procedure. Patients reach out to us with a variety of cosmetic concerns with early or late stage signs of aging. After more than a decade of experience and having performed thousands of rejuvenation surgeries, Dr. Madnani has developed a sharp eye for detail and a natural aesthetic. He believes that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to aesthetic rejuvenation and after having researched and tried these minimally or non invasive cosmetic technologies, he has tailored a series of custom treatments to enhance the overall appearance of your skin—face, neck, hands, décolletage. These ‘Aesthetic Care Services’ combine cutting edge technology to give the best therapeutic results, no matter at which stage of the aging process you are at.

Cosmetic Healthcare Group