At CHG, we have sourced the best possible individual noninvasive therapies on the market to treat problem areas on the face and body. What we have found is that combinations of these different therapies work in unison to produce even better results. We have subsequently developed treatment options that work in synergy resulting in much improved outcomes; our Aesthetic Care Plans (ACP) where 1 + 1 = 3!

For example, laser based energy therapy (CO2 skin resurfacing) or Microneedling is used primarily as a single modality treatment for skin rejuvenation. For example, at CHG, one of our ACP’s combines Microneedling, along with PRP, followed by a customized skin care regimen- to produce skin rejuvenation results that combined far exceed the individual stand alone treatments.

*Individual results may vary.

For your convenience, we have subdivided our ACP’s under one of 4 categories below.

  • SKIN
  • HAIR
  • BODY
  • FACE

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*Individual results may vary.

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